Charleston, South Carolina is known for many awesome things—chief among them is kayaking. If you want to see the Lowcountry the best way possible, Kayak Folly Beach and see habitat in the raw! But if you are going to go kayaking, there is a right way and a wrong way. Don’t make the mistake of getting it wrong, or you will miss the very best parts! While kayaking, take the time to stop and smell the reeds, or you’ll let the most magnificent things pass you by!

Take a Camera

Sure, you want to witness all the amazing things around you in person, but your friends and family will want to see what you do too! And if something should happen while you are out on the ocean, you will want your cell phone to make an important call for safety. You don’t have to worry about submerging your phone, even if it isn’t waterproof. Invest in a waterproof sleeve so you can capture all the excellent sites and have the security of knowing you can call for assistance should you need it.

Don’t be in a Hurry to get to the end!

Even if you are one of those “competitive” people, there is no award for finishing in first place! When it comes to kayaking Folly Beach, taking your time, and taking it all in, is a MUST! Stop along the way to get up close and personal instead of heading straight for the finish line. The best parts of kayaking are found in looking around, enjoying, and taking the day to see all kinds of things you haven’t before and might not again!

Find a Tour Guide

Although most people are more “do-it-yourselfers,” taking a kayaking tour is the way to go. Since Charleston Paddle Co. guides know where all the really cool things are, if you follow along, you will get to see things that you might not on your own path. If you choose to veer off for a bit, you aren’t stuck with the group. But if you have a guide along, they can make sure that you don’t miss the one-of-a-kind experiences that Folly Beach kayaking is known for!

Location, Location, Location

If you want to do the best kayaking, it is all about location. Find the best path and do so when it isn’t too crowded. Kayaking is supposed to be a time when it is just you and nature, not you, nature, and about one hundred other people. Choose a downtime to hit the open ocean and a location that is more “low-key” to get the full Folly Beach kayaking experience.

There is truly nothing more beautiful than seeing the Lowcountry from the waterways. But that doesn’t mean all you do is hop in a kayak and start rowing. To kayak Folly Beach the right way, make sure to plan the right time, take your time, and take your camera. You won’t want to miss a moment or miss out on recording all your greatest moments while on the water.

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Owner Kyle Busey is a pro surfer and his resume includes 2016 State Championship, 2000 national champion, 9x State Champion, 2001 Regional and East Coast Champion, 2000 S.C Surfer of the Year, 2014 Regional Champion, 2014 East Coast Champion

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