Nature’s Gym

Nature's Gym

Do you love getting outside and want to explore more of historic Charleston’s beauty? Nature’s

Gym is an alternative gym membership that allows you to surf the local beaches, paddleboard

and kayak with marine life, and jump on a bike to explore our beautiful city.

Have a tiny apartment that can barely fit your furniture or old gear you never want to fix and

replace, then we’ve got you covered. Your membership allows you to enjoy all Charleston has to

offer without having to purchase and store your gear.

2 Membership Options

Magnolia Membership
(Duel Membership) monthly $120/annual $1320

This membership allows you to have 1 primary owner that is able to bring a guest at any time. The membership owner can bring the same guest or switch it up each time.
Marsh Membership
(Single Member) monthly $75/annual $825

This membership allows you to have 1 primary owner that is able to bring a guest with a 15% discount on our normal rental rates (on a first come first serve basis). Ideal for a multi member household or to have flexibility when you have family and friends in town.

As a member of Natures Gym you get a 15% discount on our surf lessons, paddle tours and beach gear rentals at

Club Nature
Our Nature’s Gym Club is designed to bring fellow members together. This club meets monthly and can become more frequent depending on interest level. The club allows members to go on excursions together with the gear already placed on location. Each month the club will meet at different locations that are created just for y’all!


How does Nature's Gym Work

Your membership includes unlimited access to our equipment in four-hour increments, 7-

days a week, 365 days a year. We are offering two membership levels – Magnolia and Marsh.

How does my membership work?

Members pay a membership fee (monthly) that allows them to reserve the equipment of their

choice. We require a 6-month commitment, but if you commit for 12 months you get $100

off your membership.

What if I’m a rookie and do not know how to surf or paddleboard?

We’ve got you covered! We offer surf and paddleboard lessons through our sister company, at

discounted rates. As a member of Carolina Salt, you get discounts on all our lessons and tours.

Do I get multiple items in a day?

Members are allowed one item per reservation. So, today you can reserve a bicycle and

tomorrow a surfboard.

What if there are two people in our household?

Then the Magnolia Membership is right for you. This membership allows for the

primary owner to bring a guest at any time.

Are reservations required?

Yes, you will need to go online via our reservation portal and reserve your equipment for the

next day. This allows us to set your equipment aside, inspect the gear and get it ready for

pickup. If you're not picking up equipment at our location, we will be happy to coordinate a

delivery around our tour schedule.

Can I really get any item every day of the week?

Yes and no. You can only have five reservations booked at a time. For Example; you have five

reservations booked and one is tomorrow. Once you complete the reservation for tomorrow, you

can book another one right away. Think of it as a rolling calendar of five available dates. One

caveat, outside the normal reservation – you can email or text us any day of the week and if there

is available equipment – you can use it that day aka a SNAP reservation.

What if I do not have a roof rack?

No problem. With today’s technology and innovation, we provide soft racks that wrap around

the roof called Areo Rack Roof Pads by COR. We will install them at your pickup time or your

welcome to purchase your own.

Can I pick equipment up at the beach?

The surrounding beaches have strict ordinances for parking and deliveries, so we have to tread

lightly. During the peak season we will deliver to Folly Beach and the James Island County

parks and boat landings in the morning between 8:00am and 9:00am and again the afternoon

between at 12:00pm and 1:00pm. Otherwise, you will need to come by our location off

Maybank Highway at 339 Fleming Road on James Island (we are only 15 minutes from Folly

Beach) for pick up.

What if you cannot get back by the return time?

There is a late fee for returns but we don’t want to be overly zealous about returns. We will

provide drop off locations at Folly Beach and Isle of Palms during the peak season and you can

always ask for forgiveness.

Do I need to clean the equipment before I return it?

We ask you to rinse the equipment with fresh water before returning.

What if I break or damage the equipment?

We hope you do not have this happen, but if it does occur then you will be responsible for the


What if I go to reserve equipment and it is all taken for the day and time I’m looking for?

To be honest, this is bummer, but it could happen. We will always do our best to monitor and

analyze the demand for each product and add inventory as demand grows. Our goal is having

enough equipment on hand to meet our member’s needs.

What if I want to bring along someone else?

Summer is peak water season here in Charleston and you will have guests in town, but no

worries. You can rent equipment for them as well with your membership. Depending on your

membership level you will receive a discount off standard rates, but equipment availability for

guests is based on first come first serve basis.

Who can use the membership?

Great question! Memberships are not transferable so only the primary owner is able to use the

membership but the Magnolia Membership allows one guest on every reservation.


Say you want to catch some waves at the washout at Folly Beach on Tuesday morning.

In this case you would swing by Carolina Salt and pick up your equipment on Monday evening and then return the equipment on Tuesday by 1:00pm.

If you want to do a sunset surf or paddle on the river?

You will swing by Carolina Surf at after 1:00 pm to pick up your equipment and have it returned by 8:00am the following day.

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