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Whether you are visiting Charleston on vacation or you live in the area and are looking for a fun way to spend the weekend, kayaking is an excellent way to see the Lowcountry, get some fresh air, and squeeze in some exercise too. That is why you should consider kayak rentals Charleston, SC for your next free day. But before you set out to see some of the world’s greatest salt marshes, here are some things to think about to make the day a fantastic one!


Although the weather is almost always perfect in Charleston, it is important to choose a day where you can see everything you want when perusing the low country. It doesn’t have to be a sunny day, but try to stay away from days where the weather can turn tumultuous. There is nothing worse than being stuck out in the open water when storm clouds are rushing in. So, before you hit the water, check the local forecast to make sure that you won’t get caught while your kayaking in Charleston.

Bring the Sunscreen

When you are out in the sun, you want to make sure that your skin is protected. When kayaking, protecting yourself with sunscreen becomes even more critical. Not only are you going to be exposed to the sun from above, but the UV rays will also reflect off of the water. So, it’s important to apply before you go and to bring some sunscreen along and reapply it as often as you can. There is nothing fun about returning after a kayaking trip with a painful sunburn!

Get a Good Camera

When you are kayaking the Lowcountry, you are going to see some amazing things along the way! Make sure to bring a waterproof camera so you can get it all on film. Not only will you want to relive your trip long afterward, but you will also want to share your experience with other people. If you’re going to bring your cell phone along, make sure to invest in a good waterproof case or bag just in case. Kayaks have been known to tip, so secure things that can’t get wet!

The Many Benefits of Kayaking

Not only is kayaking a fantastic way to see the Lowcountry, it is a great way to shed some unwanted pounds. Kayaking can burn up to 500 calories an hour. It is also a great way to work your core musculature and endurance. The best part is that it doesn’t feel like exercise! So, you get all the benefits of working out without all the punishment. You will definitely feel some muscles you didn’t know you had the next day!

Kayaking is an excellent way to see Charleston, SC up close and personal. It also has many additional benefits like burning calories and having an epic time with friends and family. We are the top kayak rental company in the area!

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Owner Kyle Busey is a pro surfer and his resume includes 2016 State Championship, 2000 national champion, 9x State Champion, 2001 Regional and East Coast Champion, 2000 S.C Surfer of the Year, 2014 Regional Champion, 2014 East Coast Champion

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