Visiting Shem Creek? Try These Adventurer’s Must-Do Activities!

Shem Creek is a beautiful body of water that is widely popular for its waterfront activities, restaurants, and bars. Because the waters surrounding it tend to be less tumultuous than nearby Charleston, and the weather typically sunny and bright, it makes Shem Creek a wonderful place for the outdoor adventurer. Whether you are a die-hard fisherman or you enjoy paddleboarding, Shem Creek is the place to do all things outdoors! When visiting, make sure you check out these adventurer’s must-do activities

Segway of Charleston

Want to see Charleston on foot, but not really on foot? A Segway tour is an excellent way to see all of the sights in one day. You can choose to visit the Village of Shem Creek, the historic district of Mount Pleasant, downtown Charleston, and the beautiful and scenic Charleston Harbor with just one tour. That is a whole lot of ground to cover in one trip, and riding a Segway is pretty fun too!

Take a Fishing Trip

Charter a boat to hit the seas and find a shark. Or go deep sea fishing and see who can get the biggest catch. Shem Creek is notorious for its many different fishing festivities. There are a ton of different types of fishing charters, so find the one that suits you, and head out on the open seas!

Go Paddleboarding Shem Creek Style

The newest thing on the water is paddleboarding. It takes some strength and balance, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a great way to spend the day! Get a glimpse of dolphins passing by, or buddy up to a pelican. Take a tour with Charleston Paddleboard Company and see Shem Creek from end to end. The trip is ideal for people of all paddleboarding skill levels. Since Shem Creek is pretty tame and without all the tides and currents that can make Paddleboarding difficult, it is ideal beginners. Paddleboarding Shem Creek tours have a quieter, your own pace, feel. And you get to see the harbor and all of the most popular restaurants on Shem Creek all while passing by.

Scuba Anyone?

Book a charter to see some super amazing underwater sights. You never know what is in store when you hit the Southeast part of Charleston’s waters. While diving, you will likely get a glimpse of schools of fish passing by, lobsters, sea turtles, and dolphins in their natural habitat, up close and personal. You just never know what will happen when you hit the seas!

Rent Hydrobikes

Who wants to go for a boring old bike ride when you can ride the waters on a bike? See Shem Creek on wheels with the entire family biking around the coastline. One of the safest marine vessels you can rent, it is good harmless fun for the whole family. And it is also a great way to get a little exercise too.

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