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The city of Charleston is one of the most popular vacations spots for people around the nation with good reason. There are so many things to do and see! When visiting, kayaking the low country is a must. The downtown area is simply divine, but the wildlife in Charleston is also something that shouldn’t be missed. Taking a kayak tour allows you to get out into the great outdoors, see animals in their natural habitat, and get a little exercise too! But before you go, here are some things you need to know about kayaking Charleston, SC style!

You Can Kayak Year-Round

Part of the reason that Charleston continues to be on U.S. Travel’s best destinations is due to the tepid weather year-round. So, no matter when you are visiting Charleston, kayaking is a must-do on your list. Unlike other destinations, any time you come to Charleston, you get the full experience, regardless of what month it is!

It is a Great Location for Beginners!

So you haven’t kayaked before and are a little nervous about hitting the open sea? Due to the calm waters of Shem Creek, Charleston is a perfect place for both seasoned kayak professionals looking for a new “spot” to peruse and also for beginners just getting their kayaking feet wet. There aren’t any crashing waves, just a slow and steady course where you can see some amazing things and get the hang of paddling.

Take it Easy

Charleston’s low country isn’t about sprinting to the end; we believe in taking our time and taking in the sights. Depending on when you visit, you won’t experience the large crowds that can sometimes chase the best of the ocean and marsh wildlife away. When you take a kayaking tour, you can go your own speed and not worry about the hustle and bustle of a crowded lake. Most likely, it will just be you, or your group, out on the open waterways.

It is a Cheap Way to Spend the Day

Kayaking isn’t a super touristy activity, which means two things, you will have a once in a unique lifetime experience, and it won’t cost you a fortune! Take a trip for a full day for just about $65 for a single kayak or split the cost and it is $65 for two. How many other fun outdoor tours are that inexpensive for such a good time?

Bring Your Sunscreen

Since it is almost always sunny and beautiful, bringing sunscreen is a must! And don’t forget to invest in a good waterproof phone case. You will want to document your great day with tons of photos of all the super cool things you see!

You Can Take the Whole Group

Sometimes finding something for the whole family can be difficult. Little children might not be all that into shopping or the awesome historical sites of downtown Charleston. But what they will love is paddling a kayak and hitting the water for some fun! Kayaking is fun for everyone. And if you share a two-person kayak with your little ones, it is great bonding experience for the whole family!

Charleston continues to top the list of places to visit because there is something for everyone. If you want to have a day of fun, reconnect with family members, and please everyone in the crowd, then kayaking Charleston, SC is a must! Spend a half day or the whole viewing all the fantastic waterway sites that the open ocean has to offer! Since it is available year-round, make sure to make your reservation for kayaking Charleston, SC-style before you visit. Slots fill up quickly!

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Owner Kyle Busey is a pro surfer and his resume includes 2016 State Championship, 2000 national champion, 9x State Champion, 2001 Regional and East Coast Champion, 2000 S.C Surfer of the Year, 2014 Regional Champion, 2014 East Coast Champion

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